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And now for something a little different: Impersonation fraud notice from HKMA

11 Oct 2021

Beware of Imposters Posing as HKMCA Staff

HKMC Annuity Limited (HKMCA) recently became aware of an instance regarding an individual posing as a HKMCA staff to invite a HKMCA customer to renew an annuity policy in order to obtain personal information from the customer. The HKMCA has referred the case to the law enforcement agency for further investigation.

The HKMC Annuity Plan is a whole life guaranteed annuity insurance product. Customers will receive a life-long stream of guaranteed monthly annuity payments upon successful application. No policy renewal is required. The HKMCA would like to remind the public not to provide any personal information to any suspicious persons. If members of the public suspect that they may have provided their personal details to any suspicious persons, they should call the HKMCA’s customer service hotline at (852) 2512 5000 or report to the Police.

HKMC Annuity Limited
11 October 2021


HKMA Notice

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