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Treasury/Commerce Cuban Internet Access Fact Sheet: Additional Licensing & Additional Information

Additional Licensing

OFAC Specific Licenses

For prohibited transactions not otherwise authorized by OFAC general licenses, OFAC considers specific license requests on a case-by-case basis and will prioritize license applications, compliance questions, and other requests that may concern internet freedom in Cuba. Consistent with U.S. foreign policy, OFAC has a favorable licensing posture towards specific license requests involving transactions that are ordinarily incident and necessary to ensure that the Cuban people have safe and secure access to the free flow of information on the internet. Please see OFAC’s License Application Page for additional details regarding the specific licensing process.

BIS Licenses

If a transaction is not eligible for one of the license exceptions above, a license application may be submitted through the BIS online portal, SNAP-R. A general policy of approval applies to license applications for telecommunications items and internet-related items intended to improve communications to, from, and among the Cuban people.

Additional Information

For additional information, including the latest updates related to the Cuba sanctions program administered by OFAC, please refer to the Treasury Department’s Cuba sanctions webpage available here. If you have additional questions regarding the scope of requirements under the OFAC-administered Cuba sanctions program, or the applicability or scope of any related OFAC authorizations, please contact OFAC’s Sanctions Compliance and Evaluation Division at (800) 540-6322 or (202) 622-2490, or by email at

For additional information concerning export controls related to Cuba, please refer to BIS’ webpage available here. If you have questions regarding export control requirements for Cuba, please contact the BIS Foreign Policy Division at (202) 482-4254, or by email at


Fact Sheet

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