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Notice to Exporters 2021/05: Export Control Order 2008 amended


NTE 2021/05: Export Control Order 2008 amendment

Published 8 June 2021

There are changes to:

  • Schedule 2 (military goods, software and technology)
  • Schedule 3 (UK controlled dual-use goods, software and technology)

The new order, The Export Control (Amendment) Order 2020 (SI 2021 No.586) comes into force on 7 June 2021. The order implements changes to the list of defence-related products. These reflect changes to the Wassenaar Arrangement munitions list. The Order also fixes minor drafting errors.

Changes to Schedule 2:

  • changes to definitions, changes to ML1, ML2, ML6, ML8, ML10, ML11, ML13, ML15, ML17, ML18, and ML21

Changes to Schedule 3:

  • changes to definitions, changes to PL9009

ECJU will update the consolidated list of strategic military and dual-use items that require export authorisation in due course.


Notice to Exporters 2021/05

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