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Medical update: The eyes don’t have it (yet)

Hi, dear readers –

As I’ve written about the other day, I had cataract surgery on my left eye on Thursday. Unfortunately, it did not go as well as the one on my right eye back in mid-May (it’s now 20/20). In particular, I have a corneal abrasion which is impeding my general ability to look at things and, in particular, to read.

So, I saw my ophthalmologist today, and he told me that the left eye now tests out at 20/80, and the abrasion is now 90% healed. However, fluid is infusing to my corneal tissue and is contributing to the blurriness that I see (I just called him to get the proper term). So, right now, I’m looking at screens in small bursts (the WordPress app is in dark mode, which is definitely easier to deal with).

Long story short: while I may start catching up a tad today on my backlogged blogging, it will probably be later this week when I can focus enough to read last week’s CCMC/CMIC Executive Order and the like.

My apologies – I hope to be back watching the watchlist full-force by the weekend.

Mr. Watchlist

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