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Eyes Wide Shut?

Over the next month, Mr. Watchlist is having cataract surgery on both his eyes (he needs it, he assures you). The recovery is short if there are no complications, which he has been told are rare (3-4 days).

However, since he has never had one of these, he is unsure how able he will be to look at his iPad screen to read new news or to post new items here. So, it is possible that next week and the week of the 24th, there will be little or no new content (other than the HKMA fraud notices that are posted so there is always something on the blog to read) those weeks.

Secondly, will Mr. Watchlist have his daughter redo the caricatures used here? Perhaps the headshot… the glasses seem to be needed for the one with the magnifying glass….we will have to see.

Mr. Watchlist thanks you for your patience…

Oh, while Mr. Watchlist may post pictures of him with an eye patch (you get an eye shield, which is different, but the patch would be fun to add), it is highly unlikely that he will post a picture with a parrot (although he does know an exotic bird store where the birds can sit on your shoulder and arm)…

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