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SECO removes 1 from Libya sanctions

On Tuesday, Swiss authorities removed the following person:

SSID: 130-36266 Name: Ghwell Khalifa
Sex: M DOB: a) 1 Jan 1956 b) 1 Jan 1951 POB: Misurata, Libya Good quality a.k.a.: a) Al Ghweil Khalifa b) Al-Ghawail Khalifa c) Ghawil Khalifa Mohamed Address: Qasr Ahmed Street, Misurata, Libya Nationality: Libya Identification document: a) Passport No. A005465, Libya, Date of issue: 12 Apr 2015, Expiry date: 11 Apr 2017 b) Passport No. J690P666, Libya, Date of issue: 12 Jun 2016, Expiry date: 11 Jun 2024
Justification: a) Khalifa Ghwell was the so-called “Prime Minister and Defence Minister” of the internationally unrecognised General National Congress (“GNC”) (also known as the “National Salvation Government”), and as such was responsible for their activities. b) On 7 Jul 2015 Khalifa Ghwell showed his support for the Steadfastness Front (Alsomood), a new military force of 7 brigades to prevent a unity government from forming in Tripoli, by attending the signing ceremony to inaugurate the force with GNC “President” Nuri Abu Sahmain. c) As GNC “Prime Minister”, Ghwell has played a central role in obstructing the establishment of the GNA established under the Libya Political Agreement. d) On 15 Jan 2016, in his capacity as the Tripoli GNC’s “Prime Minister and Minister of Defence”, Ghwell ordered the arrest of any members of the new Security Team, appointed by the Prime Minister Designate of the Government of National Accord, who set foot in Tripoli. e) On 31 Aug 2016 he ordered the “Prime Minister” and the “Defence Minister” of the “National Salvation Government” to return to work after the HoR had rejected the GNA. Modifications: Listed on 9 May 2017, amended on 13 Aug 2020, de-listed on 20 Apr 2021
from its financial and travel sanctions on Libya.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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