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SECO removes one from CAR sanctions

Today, Swiss authorities removed:

SSID: 300-31795 Name: Bureau d’achat de diamant en Centrafrique/KARDIAM
Good quality a.k.a.: a) BADICA/KARDIAM b) KARDIAM Address: a) P.O.Box 333, Bangui, Central African Republic (Tel. +32 3 2310521; Fax. +32 3 2331839; email: (; website: ( b) Antwerp, Belgium Other information: Headed by Abdoul-Karim Dan-Azoumi, since 12 Dec 1986 and by Aboubakar Mahamat, since 1 Jan 2005. Branches include MINAIR, and SOFIA TP (Douala, Cameroon). Modifications: Listed on 3 Sep 2015, de-listed on 5 Apr 2021

from its Central African Republic financial and travel sanctions.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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