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March 25, 2021: OFSI adds 1 Burmese entity to Global Human Rights regime

On Thursday, UK officials added the following entity:

a.k.a: (1) MEHL (2) Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited Address: 189/191 Mahaban Doola Road, Corner of 50th Street, Yangon, Myanmar. Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): GHR0080 Names of Director(s)/Management: Commander-in-Chief Senior General Min Aung, Deputy Commander-in-Chief U Soe Win, Lt General Hsan Oo, Lt General Mya Tun Oo, Admiral Tin Aung San, General Maung Maung Kyaw, Lt General (retired) Nyo Saw, Maj General Khin Maung Than, Maj General Moe Myint Htun, Read Admiral Moe Aung, Lt General Htun Aung, Lt General Min Naung, Lt General Aung Lin Dwe, Big General (Ret) Kyaw Htin, Major Ni Aung, Big General (Ret) Kyaw Myo Win, Maj (Retired) Ming Khine, Colonel Myint Swe, Lt General Aye Win, Ultimate beneficial owner(s): Myanmar senior military leadership, units and battalions. (UK Statement of Reasons): Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL) is a major Myanmar conglomerate, owned by the Myanmar military and its current and former personnel. Min Aung Hlaing, Myanmar’s Commander in Chief, is the Chair of MEHL’s ‘patron group’, along with other senior ranking Tatmadaw officers. In 2017, MEHL directly contributed to a series of fundraising events, which provided financial support for the Tatmadaw personnel engaged in “clearance operations” against the Rohingya. There are reasonable grounds to suspect that part or all of these funds contributed to operations that resulted in serious human rights violations, including mass unlawful killings, torture, systematic rape and other forms of targeted sexual violence by the Tatmadaw committed in Rakhine State in 2017. In view of the circumstances including the close connections between MEHL and senior members of the Tatmadaw, there are reasonable grounds to suspect that MEHL knew or had reasonable cause to suspect that the funds would or may contribute to the serious human rights violations committed. Further or alternatively, MEHL is associated with the Commander in Chief and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Tatmadaw in view of their connections to MEHL including their positions on the patron group. (Organisation type): Military Holding Company (Subsidiaries): (1) Adipati Agricultural Produce Trading Ltd (2) ASHOK (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Thawka) (3) Aung Thitsa Oo General Insurance Company Limited (4) Aung Thitsa Oo Life Insurance Company Limited (5) Bandoola Transportation Company Inc (6) Berger Paints Manufacturing Limited (7) Bo Aung Kyaw Terminal (8) Cancri (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Phu Sha Star) (9) Da Na Theiddi Kyal (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Da Na Theiddihi Star and Danatheidi Star (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd) (10) Du Won Kyal (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Du Won Star and Du Won Star (Gems & Jewellery) Co., Ltd.) (11) Hawk Star (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spellings: Thine Ngat Kyal (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. and Thein Nget Star) (12) Hlaing Inland Terminal and Logistics Co., Ltd. (13) Inndagaw Industrial Complex (14) Kanpauk Oil Palm Estate and Palm Oil Mill Project (KOPP) (15) Kayah State Mineral Production Company Ltd (16) Kone Yar Thi Star (alternate spelling: Aquarii (Gems & Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (17) Lann Pyi Marine Company Ltd (18) Larbathakedi Micro Finance Service Association Inc. (19) Lyrae (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Saung Tar Yar Star) (20) Mon Hsu Jewellery Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Mine Shu) (21) Myanmar Imperial Jade (Gems & Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (22) Myanmar Land and Development Ltd (23) Myanmar Rubber Wood Co., Ltd. (24) Myanmar Ruby Enterprise (Gems & Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (25) Myanmar Tharkaung Finance Co., Ltd. (26) Myawaddy Agricultural Services Col, Ltd (27) Myawaddy Bank Ltd. (28) Myawaddy Clean Drinking Water Service (29) Myawaddy Trading Ltd (30) Myawaddy Travels and Tours Co., Ltd. (31) Myawady Football Club (32) Nawadae Hotel and Tourism Ltd. (33) Ngwe Pin Lei Livestock Breedings and Fisheries Co., Ltd. (34) Ngwe Pin Lei Premium Marine Products Co., Ltd. (35) Ngwe Pinlae Industrial Zone (36) Pone Nyet (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spelling: Pone Nyat and One Nyat (Jewellery) Co., Ltd.) (37) Pyinmabin Industrial Zone (38) Sabai (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spellings: Sabae (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd., and Jasmine) (39) Seik Ta Ya Kyal (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. (alternate spellings: Si Tra Star, Seik Tra Star and Seiktra Star (Gems and Jewellery) Co., Ltd.) (40) Shwe Gandamar International Trading Ltd (41) Shwe Innwa Gems (Business Reg no):156387282 Listed on: 25/03/2021 Last Updated: 25/03/2021 Group ID: 14080.
to its Global Human Rights sanctions regime.

And the UK’s Foreign Secretary issued the following press release:

Press release

UK sanctions major military business interests in further measures against Myanmar military regime

The Foreign Secretary announces UK sanctions against military-owned conglomerate Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has announced further measures targeting the Myanmar regime today (Thursday 25 March), sanctioning military-owned conglomerate Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd for its involvement in serious human rights violations against the Rohingya and its association with senior military figures.
Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd (MEHL) is a military conglomerate owned by parts of the armed forces, and current and former military officers. Designating the entity under the Global Human Rights sanctions regime will also prohibit funds being made available to any subsidiaries “owned or controlled” by MEHL.
The designation is in response to evidence that MEHL contributed funds to support the country’s armed forces, known as the Tatmadaw, in their campaign on ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya in 2017, having reasonable cause to suspect that the funds would or may contribute to the serious human rights violations committed, and that MEHL is associated with the Commander in Chief and Deputy Commander in Chief.
The UK is announcing this action alongside the United States, who are also imposing sanctions on MEHL.
Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, said:

Today’s sanctions target the military’s financial interests to help drain the sources of finance for their campaigns of repression against civilians.

The UK has been at the forefront of a strong, co-ordinated international response to situation in Myanmar. In March, the UK secured a Presidential Statement at the UN Security Council condemning violence by the regime against peaceful protestors, and called for respect of Myanmar’s democratic transition and the release of all those detained arbitrarily.
This followed 2 UK-led statements by G7 Foreign Ministers(condemning the coup in Myamar and violence in Myanmar) and a statement at the UN Security Council in February.
These new sanctions follow last month’s designation of nine individuals from Myanmar’s military. Those sanctions focused on those directly responsible for human rights violations committed by the police and military during the coup in Myanmar, as well as the State Administration Council, which was set up following the coup to exercise the functions of state.
In conjunction with the work on sanctions, the UK has temporarily suspended all promotion of trade with Myanmar while we work with British businesses and civil society to reshape our approach to trade.


OFSI Notice

Foreign Secretary Press Release

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