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EU removes one from Libya sanctions

Libya: EU lifts sanctions on one person

The Council today decided no to maintain Khalifa Ghwell, former prime minister and defence minister of the internationally unrecognised General National Congress of Libya, on the list of individuals and entities subject to EU restrictive measures in view of their role in acts that threaten the peace, stability and security of Libya, or that obstruct or undermine the successful completion of its political transition.
Khalifa Ghwell has been subject to EU restrictive measures – a travel ban and an asset freeze – since 2016, and his current listing expires on 2 April.
EU restrictive measures are intended to bring about a change in policy or activity by entities and individuals responsible for malign behaviour, and are of a proportionate, targeted, and non-punitive nature. Delisting is appropriate wherever the criteria for listing are no longer met.
Going forward, the EU continues to calls on the international community and all relevant actors in Libya to comply with all UN Security Council Resolutions and in this regard, recalls its instrument of sanctions against possible spoilers.


EU Notice

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