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Catching up… I promise

I was at the ACAMS Sanctions Space Summit the last two days, so I still have to post yesterday’s OFAC Kingpin changes, and the update from SECO.

As for the conference, all in all, it wasn’t bad… some really bad technical problems in a lot of sessions, and smaller, less pervasive ones in a bunch on the first day. Content was actually quite good – as usual with ACAMS, not a ton of detail as to “how” to do things. But there were good philosophical and geopolitical discussions – a lot of Iran, a good deal of China, and then a smattering of Russia, Cuba & Venezuela. One person kept on trying to ask about Sudan (we had a chat/Q&A sidebar in all sessions if you didn’t go full-screen with the video), but it never got answered.

Representation was really US/UK/EU,, don’t recall a single speaker representing the concerns/issues of any of the Asia/Oceania countries (although a friend I met through the CGSS exam process, Kylie Oliver – who is/was with ANZ, was there).

One more thing: the program went from 8-4/4:30 both days, with only 5 minutes between each session – yes, no lunch break. Yes, you can watch the recordings starting next week… but you can’t chat or ask questions during that, can you? Honestly, even if I didn’t pay full attention at all times, it was really exhausting.

There was an Exhibit Hall, with 10 vendors there (not my firm). It looked like a series of chat rooms. I guess you could get pulled away to watch a demo if there was interest, but definitely not the same vibe.

I will post some nuggets I picked up later – after I get caught up and do my day job. Honestly, I will be rewatching the sessions, too – it was hard to pay attention all day, and the tech issues, and contributing to the chat did not help.

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