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State Department Press release on OFAC Burma changes is out…

Designating Officials and Entities in Connection with the Military Coup in Burma

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State

On February 1, prior to the scheduled seating of Burma’s newly elected Parliament, the Burmese military detained a broad cross-section of civilian government leadership, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint, civil society leaders, journalists, and human right activists. We have been clear: this was a coup, and we will not sit idly by. This coup attempts to reject the will of the people of Burma as expressed during the November 2020 election. Since February 1, the people of Burma have shown their commitment to democracy through peaceful protest and civil disobedience. The United States stands with them.

Today, the United States is responding by designating the six current and former military officers who led the coup, as well as four members of the newly established State Administrative Council and three business entities that are owned or controlled by the military. These designations specifically target current or former members of the military who played a leading role in the overthrow of Burma’s democratically-elected government. They do not target the economy or people of Burma, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure we do not add to the humanitarian plight of the Burmese people. These designations are pursuant to the newly issued Executive Order Blocking Property With Respect to the Situation in Burma.

We join partners, allies, and others across the world in condemning the military’s actions. We stand with the duly elected representatives of the people of Burma and all those peacefully protesting this takeover. The military regime should relinquish power, restore the democratically-elected government, release all those unjustly detained, lift telecommunications and social media restrictions, and refrain from violence. Today’s action sends a clear message of support to the people of Burma in their pursuit of democracy and human rights.

I should mention that the link to is broken… hopefully they will get their act together soon….

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