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OFAC issues 2019 Terrorist Assets Report

The annual Terrorist Assets Report is out. Some highlights:

  • From Exhibit A (blocked funds from SDGTS and FTOs)
    • Total blocked funds increased from $46.2MM to $63.1MM ($16.9MM increase). However, that is largely to “Other” funds rising from $9.3MM to $32.1MM ($22.8MM increase)
    • Notable increases: Hizballah funds almost doubled ($11.6MM to $22.8MM)
    • Notable decreases: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps dropped over 90% ($15MM to $1.1MM, a $13.9MM decrease)
    • Other notable amounts: ISIL ($399,253, down from $657,689), Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT, $342,676 down from $397,774), Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, unchanged at $580,811), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, $170,956, down from $193,131)
  • From Table 1 (State Sponsors of Terrorism)
    • Total blocked funds decreased from $216.83MM to $200.19, driven largely by North Korea’s drop from $74.36MM to $44.48MM ($29.9MM decrease)
    • Funds blocked for Iran increased from $107.41MM to $119.54MM, an increase of $12.1MM. However, that is more than offset by the decrease in the IRGC blocked funds, as noted above

OFAC Notice

2019 Terrorist Assets Report

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