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Did you open your presents?

Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation has a bunch of them for you, in our end of year episode Opening the Presents. I actually released it yesterday, but you know, my being under the weather and all…

It’s a bit of ephemera… just a fun way to do a recap of all the sanctions and sanctions-adjacent lists (although now that I recall, I did leave out the Section 311 Special Measures, although those are particularly limited-use). Of course, that was before OFAC released its version of the E.OI. 13959 designations made in the E.O. and subsequently by the DoD… oh boy!

BTW, health update: the gums around one of my dental implants got very infected. I am taking these massive 875mg Amoxicillin pills and using an “industrial” mouthwash to make it go away… can’t happen soon enough…

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