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Stuffing even more into the resource pages…

Mr. Watchlist has been a busy elf the last few weeks…

  • Added the 2018 and 2017 FinCEN Enforcement Actions
  • Added the 2 recent FINTRAC Administrative Monetary Penalties (from 2020 – nothing else is newer than 2016 on their site)
  • Added details of AUSTRAC Civil Penalty Orders & Infringement Orders from 2017-2020
  • Added all the OSFI sanctions regulations (SEMA, FACFOA & JVCFOA), plus the UN Act
  • Added all the EU Exit Regulations from the UK
  • Added all the Singapore sanctions regulations and laws
  • Added Hong Kong sanctions ordinances
  • Added Singapore sanctions laws and regulations
  • Added Australia’s Autonomous Sanctions Act

If there is something in the AML, sanctions or export control space you think I ought to add, I’m all ears…

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