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Sudan no longer a state sponsor of terrorism

Today, Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism is officially rescinded.  This represents a fundamental change in our bilateral relationship toward greater collaboration and support for Sudan’s historic democratic transition.  This achievement was made possible by the efforts of Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government to chart a bold new course away from the legacy of the Bashir regime and, in particular, to meet the statutory and policy criteria for rescission.

We commend the calls of the Sudanese people for freedom, peace, and justice, and we congratulate the members of the civilian-led transitional government for their courage in advancing the aspirations of the citizens they serve.

I wonder if the Darfur sanctions will remain – there are still 6 individuals and 1 entity listed as of this morning. Perhaps more importantly, we know there are some large international banks who turn down all transactions involving Sudan, under the umbrella of “risk management” – I suspect this removal was one of the major reasons why they did this. Will it change overnight? Doubt it. Will it change? That’d be my guess.


State Department Press Release

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