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In case you missed it…

There is a new episode of the podcast OFAC Sanctions from A to Z: Belarus. In the absence of any really interesting doings in the sanctions world, I thought it would be edifying to look at some (if not all) of the sanctions programs. And I chose Belarus first.

Now, one thing I did notice when putting together the episode was that the Executive Order listed on the OFAC site (13405) doesn’t include the clause that bars entry to the U.S. as all the more recent E.O.s do.

And, when reviewing the “no entry” clause in one of the recent E.O.s, I discovered the regulatory underpinning for how this came to be – and how it actually also covers the folks designated under the Belarus program.

And that’s going to be the next episode… up sometime later this week…

You learn something new every day…

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