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SECO removes 2 from Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities today removed the following persons:

SSID: 130-36229 Name: Saleh Issa Gwaider Agila
DOB: 1 Jun 1942 POB: Elgubba, Libya Identification document: Passport No. D001001, Libya, Date of issue: 22 Jan 2015
Justification: a) Agila Saleh has been the President of the Libyan House of Representatives since 5 Aug 2014. b) On 17 Dec 2015 Saleh stated his opposition to the Libya Political Agreement signed on 17 Dec 2015. c) As the President of the Council of Deputies, Saleh has obstructed and undermined the Libyan political transition, including by refusing several times to call a vote on the Government of National Accord (“GNA”). d) On 23 Aug 2016, Saleh addressed a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in which he criticised the United Nations’ support to the GNA which he described as the imposition “of a group of individuals on the Libyan people (…) in breach of the Constitution and the United Nations Charter”. He criticised the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2259(2015) which endorsed the Skhirat Agreement, and he threatened to bring the United Nations, which he holds responsible for “unconditional and unjustified” support to an incomplete Presidency Council, as well as the UN Secretary-General, before the International Criminal Court for violating the UN Charter, the Libyan Constitution and the sovereignty of Libya. Those statements undermine the support for mediation by the UN and the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), as expressed by all relevant UN Security Council Resolutions, notably Resolution 2259(2015). e) On 6 Sep 2016, Saleh paid an official visit to Niger with Abdullah al-Thani, “Prime Minister” of the non-recognised government of Tobruk, even though Resolution 2259(2015) calls for the ceasing of support to and official contact with parallel institutions which claim to represent the legitimate authority but are not parties to the Agreement. Modifications: Listed on 9 May 2017, de- listed on 15 Oct 2020
SSID: 130-36288 Name: Abu Sahmain Nuri Spelling variant: a) Bosamin Nori (English) b) Bo Samin Nuri (English)
DOB: 16 May 1956 POB: Zouara/Zuwara, Libya
Justification: a) Nuri Abu Sahmain used to be the so-called “President” of the internationally unrecognised General National Congress (“GNC”) (also known as the “National Salvation Government”), and as such is responsible for their activities. b) As GNC “President”, Nuri Abu Sahmain has played a central role in obstructing and opposing the Libyan Political Agreement and the establishment of the Government of National Accord (“GNA”). c) On 15 Dec 2015 Sahmain called for the postponement of the Libya Political Agreement scheduled to be agreed at a meeting on 17 Dec. d) On 16 Dec 2015 Sahmain issued a statement that the GNC did not authorise any of its members to participate in the meeting or sign the Libya Political Agreement. e) On 1 Jan 2016 Sahmain rejected the Libyan Political Agreement in talks with the United Nations Special Representative. Modifications: Listed on 9 May 2017, de-listed on 15 Oct 2020

From both its Libya financial and travel sanctions programs.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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