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After a brief hiatus…

Welcome to the “Shootout at the OFAC Corral”, the latest episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation. The new show is focused on last week’s designation of the Iranian financial services sector under Executive Order 13902, and the designation of 18 Iranian banks (which had already been sanctioned under the Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations, or ITSR). We’ll discuss the use of the EO, the new General License (GL L), and a few highlights from the 6 new FAQs.

Oh, and my commentary on how I think the world will react to this… let’s just say I am not hopeful for any demonstration of resolve…

Categories: CAPTA List DesigNation Executive Order 13902 Executive Orders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Iranian Sanctions Licenses OFAC Updates Oil Sanctions and Waivers Podcast Sanctions Lists


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