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Finanstilsynet’ s having an AML seminar…

The Danish FSA’s money laundering seminar 2020

The Danish FSA’s annual money laundering seminar will be held on 10 November 2020 at 9.30 – 13.30.

The seminar is held virtually. 

The seminar focuses on:

  • digital signature (including the upcoming My ID), 
  • the status of the digital infrastructure project, 
  • the latest trends in money laundering and terrorist financing, 
  • cryptocurrency and international crime
  • EU supranational risk assessment and national risk assessments for money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Danish FSA will also inform about the new rules as a result of the Fifth Money Laundering Directive, the revision of the Danish FSA’s money laundering guidelines and the status of the political agreements on a strengthened effort against money laundering.

You can see the list of speakers here: 

  1. The Danish Digitization Agency: Charlotte Jacobys, office manager
  2. Finanstilsynet: Linda Riber Olesen, special consultant
  3. Finanstilsynet: Heidi Ravnholt, Deputy Office Manager
  4. Elliptic: Stylianos Tachtatzis, Senior Risk Management Specialist
  5. APPLICATION: Maria Libak Pedersen, Chief Consultant, Ph.D. The Money Laundering Secretariat
  6. PET: Anders Vogelsang, Chief Consultant for the Prevention Center, Department of Preventive Safety
  7. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): Oliver Gadney, Program Officer
  8. Finanstilsynet: Stig Nielsen, office manager
  9. Moderator: Tine Gøtzsche, journalist

Register before 30 October:

After the registration deadline, you will receive a link where you can attend the seminar.  


Finanstilsynet notice

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