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The new Australian sanctions portal Pax is live


Pax, a more user-friendly portal for engaging with the Australian Sanctions Office, has launched

Pax is the new Australian sanctions portal. It has replaced the Online Sanctions Administration System (OSAS) as part of the establishment of the Australian Sanctions Office (ASO). Pax is a secure, cloud-based app, accessible from a website optimised for desktops. It will work with any modern browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (but not Internet Explorer). 

How can I access Pax?


What does this mean for me?

  • OSAS is no longer available and all links to OSAS on the DFAT website have been removed. Any OSAS matters submitted from today will not be accepted or processed.
  • Use Pax for all new sanctions queries and matters, including requests for Indicative Assessments and sanctions permit Applications.
  • The Sanctions email address is no longer being used for sanctions queries. Submit any queries via the Contact Us section on Pax.
  • Please note the Consolidated List will not be impacted at this time.

Where can I get more information?

  • The Pax User Guide and a series of Pax Quick Reference Guides can be found under the User Guides tab on the Pax homepage.
  • Refer to the Easy Pax Map on the Pax homepage for a simple overview on how to use Pax.
  • We also recommend you review the sanctions pages of the DFAT website before submitting matters or queries on Pax. 

What additional support is available?

For Pax technical support 

  • If you are having any technical issues, in the first instance, please contact support by email at
    • When emailing about a technical issue, please include a screenshot and which browser you are using (e.g. Chrome, Edge, etc.)
  • You can also contact support on +61 2 6261 3333

For sanctions-related enquiries

  • For any sanctions-related enquiries, contact the ASO using the Contact Us form. Please do not reply to this email.


Please note: The technical support team are unable to assist with any sanctions-related enquiries, or to provide updates on the progress of your matter.


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