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Canada sanctions Belarus officials

Canada imposes sanctions on Belarusian officials

September 29, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

In coordination with the United Kingdom and in support of the people of Belarus, Canada is imposing sanctions against Government of Belarus officials, including Aleksandr Lukashenko.  These actions are being taken under the Special Economic Measures Act.

Since the fraudulent presidential elections in August 2020, the Government of Belarus has conducted a systematic campaign of repression and state-sponsored violence against public protests and the activities of opposition groups. Canada remains deeply concerned by ongoing, well-documented reports of human rights violations, including against freedom of the press, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as against free and fair democratic elections.

The sanctions announced today are part of a broader diplomatic effort by Canada to find a way towards a positive change in the current situation in Belarus. These include efforts at supporting the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, advocating for media freedom and support to civil society.


“Canada will not stand by silently as the Government of Belarus continues to commit systematic human rights violations and shows no indication of being genuinely committed to finding a negotiated solution with opposition groups. Canada and the United Kingdom are acting together to ensure these sanctions have a greater impact and to demonstrate unity in our condemnation of the situation. Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Belarus as they struggle to restore human rights and achieve democracy in their country.”

– François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Canadian Sanctions related to Belarus

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