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New Australian sanctions portal

The Australian Sanctions Office is transitioning to a new Australian sanctions portal

We are delighted to be rolling out Pax, a new, more user-friendly portal for engaging with the ASO


What is Pax? 

As part of the establishment of the Australian Sanctions Office (ASO), the Online Sanctions Administration System (OSAS) is being replaced by the new Australian sanctions portal, Paxeffective from 9:00am AEST on 1 October 2020. Pax is a secure, cloud-based app, accessible from a website optimised for desktops. It will work with any modern browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (but not Internet Explorer). 

Benefits of Pax 

Pax has been developed to deliver a more modern, user-friendly experience, providing you with a simpler communications interface and better visibility of the progress of your sanctions matters. Pax will make it easier for regulated entities, such as individuals, businesses, government agencies, and other organisations, to engage with the ASO on sanctions matters in a consistent and efficient way.  

Benefits include: 

  • Easy account creation for individuals or organisations 
  • All regulatory issues, including sanctions queries, requests for Indicative Assessments, and Applications for sanctions permits will dealt with on the same platform 
  • It will be easier for users to track progress and seek updates, and 
  • Users can view their current and previous engagement with the ASO, at any time. 

What does this mean for me? 

  • OSAS will no longer be available and, from 1 October 2020all sanctions queries and matters will need to be lodged through Pax
  • The OSAS log-in page and all links to OSAS on the DFAT website will be removed. Any OSAS matters submitted after this date will not be accepted.  
  • The Sanctions Inbox ( will no longer be used for sanctions queries – submit queries via the Contact Us section on Pax (with or without registering through the Pax homepage). 
  • Should you have any outstanding sanctions queries in the Sanctions Inbox, these will be actioned and you will receive a response in due course.   
  • If practical for your business, we encourage you to avoid submitting new sanctions matters into OSAS until Pax is live. 

What if I have current or ongoing matter/s in OSAS when Pax is launched? 

  • Existing OSAS matters will be finalised in OSAS – there will be no transfer of matters from OSAS to Pax. 
  • OSAS users will be emailed on the day Pax is launched with instructions on how to continue accessing OSAS until your matter is finalised. 
  • Should you want to keep a copy of your previous OSAS matters for your records, we recommend you download copies of your matters prior to the launch of Pax.  

What happens next? 

When Pax is live, we will email you further details and update the ASO page on the DFAT website. We have developed training materials which will be available for you to access directly from the Pax homepage: 

  • A comprehensive Applicant User Guide
  • Quick Reference Guides

Where can I get more information? 

Refer to the Easy Pax Map attached for a simple overview. If you have any questions about Pax prior to its launch on 1 October 2020, you can email us at

Kind regards,

Australian Sanctions Office

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