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A little home (page) renovation…

You may have noticed that the pinned post about the podcast is gone… where did it go?

There is now a separate page for Mr. Watchlist’s Designation.

And I’ve moved the Publications page under About, so there are fewer menus to click through, although I chose to leave Contact separate so it was easy to find for the casual reader.

I will probably restructure the Vendors and Events pages – probably pages for Professional Associations, Events and 1 or more pages for different kinds of vendors. Honestly, though, I’m going to need to go through the vendors and figure out who to put where and the like.

The new WordPress block editor also lets me do multi-column content much more easily, and include media in-line – see the page for the podcast, for example.

So, at some point, I may also restructure the other pages similarly… maybe during my next vacation.

Ooh, one more thing… when you see the post for the new podcast episode, you’ll see I’ve figured out how to embed a web player for that episode. Sure, I still would prefer you subscribed via Apple Podcasts, et al… but if you’ve never listened before, it’s now right there for you to try out.

Thanks for your patience…

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