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World Bank also debars CASS Constructores, S.A.S.

Somehow, the web page with the press release is currently throwing a 404 error, but the World Bank list of debarments does lists this:

*539 This sanction is the result of a Settlement Agreement. The sanction imposed on CASS Constructores S.A.S. (“CASS”) extends to any legal entity that it directly or indirectly controls. The minimum period of ineligibility for CASS is the 18-month period indicated in the posting above. At the end of its 18-month period of debarment, CASS may be released from debarment provided that it has complied with the following conditions: (a) met integrity compliance conditions to the satisfaction of the Bank’s Integrity Compliance Officer; (b) fully cooperated with the Bank; and (c) otherwise complied fully with the terms and conditions of the Settlement Agreement.


World Bank List of Ineligible Firms and Individuals

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