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Resource for you: UK Independent Reviewer website

I was working on a new episode for the podcast, and I wanted to reference the Independent Reviewer’s quarterly report regarding the operation of the Terrorist Asset Freezing etc Act 2010 (TAFA). When I went to the latest one, though, it was just a 2-page statement and summary figures – much shorter than the extensive report of recommendations I had written about not long after I started this blog (and, to be frank, much more like the US Treasury’s Terrorist Assets Report).

Well, I started poking around the OFSI website and I found a whole website for the Independent Reviewer. On June 19th, Jonathan Hall QC, the current Reviewer, published his third note on sentencing reforms (note 2 being only about 2 weeks earlier), with a note on TPIM (Terrorist Prevention and Investigation Measures) reforms being published on the 5th. There is also, on the site, the 2018 Annual Report, which is much more akin to what I wrote about in 2013.

I’ve bookmarked it… I think you should, too, if you haven’t already.


UK Independent Reviewer website

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