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Once more into the breach…

Episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation is here (M4A format – apparently getting GarageBand songs into MP3 is a bit of a chore) – trying to make this better produced (still waiting on a decent mic), and tighter content (less incoherent rambling by yours truly).

This one clocks in around 13 minutes. 10 minutes might have been an unreasonable limit to set… let’s try for 15.

Now, one feedback I have gotten is that some references I just throw out without a lot of explanation (like this episode’s reference to the ZTE case. It will be an ongoing challenge – to appeal both to more experienced and knowledgable listeners and people who are less so.

I’ll take suggestions on this one, please. My original thoughts are to heavily rely on show notes for links to supporting documents – although I will try to put a little more meat on the bones so things don’t totally go over people’s heads.

So, what do you think? I’m really close to start sending these to a podcast host… and thanks to my small coterie of friends who have provided honest feedback about my stabs at developing a show.

Also, in case you were wondering, I have given no thought as to monetizing the show. This is more for an outlet for commentary rather than posting to the blog. It also would not make my current employer real happy if i started getting sponsored by competitors and frenemies….

Oh, and you’ll notice the name change, too – makes sense to tie the blog and podcast names. No reason to say my “real world” name, TBH – being known as Mr. Watchlist is not a bad thing, no?

Thanks! You can send feedback to me via the Contacts page, or as comments, here.

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