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I now need bigger business cards…

Third time was the charm this morning. I’ve been having some technical problems running remotely-proctored CGSS (ACAMS’ sanctions certification) exams administered by Pearson. But, today, despite it hanging up once, I got someone to successfully restart it for me…

And I passed. A score of 90 is not shabby. It’s a weird test – I find some of the stuff kind of obscure and there are way too many 50%Rule questions….

But, I passed. So, now… Eric A. Sohn, CAMS, CGSS…Whoopie!

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  1. Are there a lot of recall questions? Is it stated clearly (2 answers) where it is a multi-answer questions? Any tips you can share?

    1. Honestly, the usual… read the study guide voluminously. They ask both information questions (like things from the UN and Wolfsberg), as well as interpreting sanctions situations. Don’t freak about the timing… if you are stuck on one, skip it and come back to it later. Honestly, the time they give you is way more than you need. I think I finished in significantly less than 2 hours.

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