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Mr. Watchlist is available to speak to your staff…

By now, I think you are aware of my experience and expertise in the sanctions realm – and have some sense of my point of view regarding sanctions compliance and its geopolitical ramifications.

So, if your firm would like me to come “visit” you via Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, etc and speak on sanctions news and commentary (and some crystal ball gazing), I’d be happy to schedule some time for you.

I can be really flexible in my availability, so don’t let the time zones be a barrier. All I ask is contact details for someone my firm and I can have a larger conversation with after our session.

And if you’re already one of my firm’s (Dow Jones Risk & Compliance) customers, don’t let that stop you – still happy to chat to make you more successful doing what you do.

Just contact me though the obvious channel – the Contact page – and we can get things rolling…

Hope to hear from you soon…

Eric (aka Mr. Watchlist)

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