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Suspicions confirmed…

OFSI corrects six listings

OFSI has removed 5 individuals and amended 1 on the consolidated list.

North Korea (DPRK) regime:
The entry for Ri Pyong Chol (Group ID: 13546) has been removed.

Democratic Republic of the Congo regime:
The entries for Robert Kibelisa (Group ID: 13437) and Lambert Mende (Group ID: 13463) have been removed.

Libya regime:
The entry for Mas’ud Abdulhafiz (Group ID: 11641) has been removed.

Syria regime:
The entry for Fahd Jasim al-Furayj (Group ID: 12763) has been removed. The entry for Ahmed al-Jarroucheh (Group ID: 12724) has been updated. The individual is on the consolidated list and remains subject to an asset freeze.

OFSI’s consolidated list of asset freeze targets has been updated to reflect this change.

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