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Time to experiment a little…

You may have noticed that I rarely post after noon Eastern time, and never after 1 PM. The idea behind that was that people prefer real-time notifications of new posts, rather than having to go regularly to websites to see what’s new – and I was trying to accommodate the time difference with the UK and, to a lesser extent, Central European Time countries (sorry, Nordics – a 7 hour time difference was too much).

The downside is that the Americas would see “late” news the next day rather than ASAP – like, since I was AFK (away from keyboard), I didn’t see the Tuesday OFAC update until after lunch today.

So, I’m going to make a tweak to how I post… I will post everything when it comes in (other than lower-priority stuff like HKMA fraud notices and global enforcement actions), but I will also put out (about 9 AM Eastern) a daily digest of all the previous day’s posts. And, to make it easy to find, I will add a category called Daily Digest to make these easy to find.

Of course, I am still not posting on weekends and I only post on U.S. holidays when there is one of those low-priority pieces lying around.

So, take a day or two, and let me know (with a comment) whether you like the change… or want me to go back to the old format.


BTW, the mask is from the Japanese volleyball anime Haikyuu! I have 2 from that show, one with the Philadelphia Eagles logo, and one from My Hero Academia (another anime). If we keep on with the masks in public, I will probably buy more… maybe from the anime Konosuba or The Saga of Tanya the Evil

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