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OFSI staycation next week?

OFSI service in the week commencing 25 May

The OFSI inbox and helpline will not be monitored on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May 2020. Service, as set out below, will resume on Wednesday 27 May 2020

OFSI will continue to ensure there is minimal disruption to our service. Until further notice, we continue to recommend you send your queries to the OFSI inbox ( with clear indications and explanations of urgency. Any queries normally made to the OFSI helpline, or sent by post, should instead be directed to the OFSI inbox. Please note that subject to the volume of queries, or if we experience significant staff absence, we may not be able to respond in line with our usual timescales.

Licence applications and compliance reports will continue to be assessed and you will still receive communication from us, including requests for information on individual cases. Urgent and humanitarian licence cases will continue to be prioritised.

These arrangements will be in place until further notice and we will update you once they come to an end.

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