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May 14, 2020: New Sanctions Advisory for the Maritime Industry, Energy and Metals Sectors, and Related Communities

Yesterday, a new advisory was issued by the US State Department, Treasury Department and Coast Guard that consolidates and enhances the prior North Korea, Syria and Iran shipping advisories. It’s a monster – 35 pages long – but well worth the read.

What’s nice is that, not only does it provide a more extensive list of evasive behaviors and practices to detect evasion, but it also breaks these into separate sections based on the parties who would best utilize them. So, there’s a general section, and a whole bunch of industry-specific ones.

There are the usual recitations of sanctions regulations and requirements, both by the UN and the US – you can read those in your spare time. But, what I am going to do is post individual sections in separate posts to make it easier for all to navigate. I’ll space them out over a few days – there are a lot of them…



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