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Who wants to be master of the financial Integrity domain?

Hi, folks –

Yesterday, I got an outreach from a professor at Case Western Reserve University, who is looking for students to fill out their fall Master of Arts in Financial Integrity (MAFI) program. Work is done over a series of weekends throughout the year and, if we are all not quite ready to shlep to campus (this group will be based in Cleveland), my friend informs me they will be able to do bring people on via Zoom.

Here’s the info from their program info page:

Master of Arts in Financial Integrity

The Master of Arts in Financial Integrity (MAFI) program at Case Western Reserve University School of Law provides students with a unique, comprehensive and practical education in all aspects of anti-money laundering (AML) law, policy, compliance and risk management. 

The field of financial integrity is diverse, encompassing international standards and domestic rules for combatting money laundering, terrorist financing, weapons proliferation, drug trafficking, human trafficking and other nefarious conduct that can be funded through the misuse of financial systems.  

Our students graduate ready to work in the field of financial integrity across all sectors, including international organizations, government, law enforcement, banking, business and consulting. 

A unique program for working professionals

In the MAFI program, you will learn through a series of in-person weekend sessions that meet approximately once per month from Thursday evening through mid-day Sunday. Each cohort of students begins and finishes the degree program together. Because you and your cohort experience the entire program as a group, you will have the opportunity to develop deep and lasting professional associations with fellow students from diverse sectors of the AML world.

Industry-leading faculty

MAFI courses are team-taught by full-time Case Western Reserve University faculty and a corps of senior experts in the AML field. 

As a student in the MAFI program, you will interact in-person with these leading practitioners and academics, including current and former executives from the International Monetary Fund, the Financial Action Task Force, the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the World Bank, FinCEN, NATO, the FBI, the Office of Foreign Asset Control, multinational corporations, consulting firms and major banks and financial institutions. 

See a list of individuals who have taught in the MAFI program or supervised Capstones.

Comprehensive curriculum

Our master’s program gives you an in-depth, 360-degree understanding of the many critical anti-money laundering and financial integrity areas. You will study U.S. administrative law, criminal law, banking law, compliance and risk management, international monetary flows and a host of other topics necessary to a comprehensive understanding of financial integrity. 

View our MAFI course offerings.

Admissions Requirements

Students entering the MAFI program should have a bachelor’s degree and a demonstrated interest in studying financial integrity, anti-money laundering or a related field. 

In exceptional circumstances, individuals without a bachelor’s degree but with extensive professional experience in the AML field may be admitted to the program.

Ready to apply? You’ll need a resume, personal statement and more.

See our application instructions.

headshot of Kelly Cooper

“This program exceeded my expectations. The courses were extremely informative, interactive and were taught by the foremost industry leaders.”

Kelly Cooper, ’18, VP of a global bank on Wall Street

headshot of Alexander Russell

“This program, in particular, made a huge difference to me and to my career.”

Alexander Russell, ’18, VP of a global bank on Wall Street


MAFI Program information

MAFI Curriculum

MAFI Cleveland Schedule

MAFI Program Application

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