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OFSI updates Martin Koumtamadji CAR designation (because EU designated it)

Today, UK regulators updated the following Central African Republic sanctions designation:

DOB: (1) 05/10/1965. (2) 03/03/1965. POB: (1) Ndinaba, Chad (2) Kobo, Central African Republic (3) Kabo, Central African Republic a.k.a: (1) KOUMTAMADJI, Martin, Nadingar (2) MADJI, Martin, Koumta (3) MAHAMAT, Omar (4) MISKINE,
Abdoulaye (5) MISKINE, Abdoullaye (6) NKOUMTAMADJI, Martin Nationality: (1) Chad (2) Central African Republic Passport Details: CAR diplomatic passport no. 06FBO2262, issued on 22 Feb. 2007 (expired on 21 Feb. 2012) Address: Am Dafock, Vakaga prefecture, Central African Republic. Position: President and commander-in- chief of the Front Democratique du Peuple Centrafricain (FDPC) Other
Information: UN Ref: CFi.013. Koumtamadji founded the FDPC in 2005. He joined the Seleka coalition in December 2012 before leaving it in April 2013 after the rebels took power in Bangui. After being arrested in Cameroon, he was then transferred to Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. He always remained in command of his troops on the ground in the CAR even when he was in Brazzaville before returning to the CAR (between November 2014 and 2019). Associate of Nourredine Adam (CFi.002). Address is last known location. (Listing to be treated as temporary for 30 days from the date of listing by the UN or until the EU adds the new listing to an existing sanctions regulation (whichever is sooner) in accordance with Policing and Crime Act 2017). [UN Listing (formerly temporary listing, in accordance with Policing and Crime Act 2017)] Listed On: 22/04/2020 Last Updated: 22/04/2020 29/04/2020 Group
ID: 13833.

following the passage of Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/582.


OFSI Notice

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/582

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