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Another thing that just landed in my inbox…

From Finanstilsynet, the Danish Financial Services Authority…

Links regarding Money laundering

On this page you will find links to a number of important websites that provide additional guidance and information on combating money laundering and terrorist financing and financial sanctions against countries and / or individuals, groups of legal entities, bodies, etc.

Business Authority

Foreign Ministry

Money Laundering Secretariat / State Attorney for Special Economic and International Crime

Contains an assessment of the risk of money laundering and identifies risk areas – ie. sectors, systems and products / services – which are particularly used and are vulnerable to exploitation for money laundering in Denmark.

The Money Laundering Secretariat’s website. Here you can find information on how to notify the Money Laundering Secretariat, the Money Laundering Secretariat’s annual reports, etc.

Contains a catalog of money laundering indicators or terrorist financing.

Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Information about each country can be found by tapping the country on the map or selecting the country in the list below the map

The FATF publishes a number of guides, including sector-specific typology reports for, among other things, banks, life insurance, money transfers and currency exchanges:

FATF regularly publishes a Business Bulletin with short news of interest to the private sector.


Map of EU sanctions (which implement UN resolutions in the EU): EU Sanctions Map

Consolidated list of EU sanctions.

European Banking Authority (EBA)

Basel Committee



Country reports can be searched by selecting “Country Reports” under Series and writing “Anti-money laundering” under Subject.


Finanstilsynet resource page

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