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Quarantine is an excellent time for spring cleaning…

Some stuff I did on Monday…

  • Cleaned up the Events calendar – some stuff scheduled for the next 2-3 months has changed dates, and a bunch of conferences understandably have been scrubbed
  • Added OFAC’s Humanitarian Fact Sheet and FinCEN’s PPP FAQ document to the Guidance and Resources page
  • Added the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 2015 to the Laws & Regulations page
  • Updated the Enforcement Actions page a bit – it now has the FinCEN enforcements from the last 2 years, all of OFSI’s enforcement actions, the most recent FINMA action against Julius Baer, and a link to the Finanstilsynet page where all their inspection reports are housed. I’m trying to only list the ones that actually have some content – if you don’t know why they got in trouble, it’s not all that instructive. Similarly, I’m not going to list all the court cases, since I can’t realistically track them to tell you what happened.

If you see something else you’d like me to add/update, don’t be shy… we all have a bit more time on our hands than usual, no?

For example, would it be helpful to gather all the ECO’s Notice to exporters? Easy enough to do… but I’m not sure how much you’re interested in UK export control…

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