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February 25, 2020: INKSNA designations are coming!

The United States is sanctioning 13 foreign entities and individuals in China, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey pursuant to the Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act (INKSNA).  This action includes new sanctions against five entities/individuals in China (Luo Dingwen, Baoding Shimaotong Enterprises Services Company Limited, Gaobeidian Kaituo Precise Instrument Co. Ltd , and Wuhan Sanjiang Import and Export Co., Ltd) and Turkey (Eren Carbon Graphite Industrial Trading Company, Ltd) for supporting Iran’s missile program.  The Chinese individual Luo Dingwen has also been involved in supplying sensitive items to Pakistan’s weapons program.

The recent determinations were the result of a periodic review of sanctionable activity as required by INKSNA.  We have imposed two-year discretionary sanctions on the 13 individuals/entities identified in this report.  The sanctions include restrictions on U.S. government procurement, U.S. government assistance, and exports.

The imposition of these measures underscores that Iran’s missile program remains a significant proliferation concern.  The imposition of sanctions against these foreign entities is consistent with our efforts to use all available measures to prevent Iran from advancing its missile capabilities.


State Department Press Release

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