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February 20, 2020: OFSI corrects Abdul Haq listing

On Thursday, UK regulators corrected the following ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida counter terror listing:

HAQ, Abdul
DOB: 10/10/1971. POB: HetianArea, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China a.k.a: (1) ‘ABDAL-HAQ (2) ABUDU, Hake HAKE, Abudu (3) AXIMU, Memetiming (4) HEQ, Abdul (5) IMAN, Maimaiti (6) JUNDULLAH, Abdul, Heq (7) KHALIQ, Muhammad, Ahmed (8) MAIMAITI, Maimaitiming (9) MAIMAITI, Maiumaitimin (10) MEMETI, Memetiming (11) MUHELISI (12) QEKEMAN, Memetiming (13) QERMAN (14) SAIFUDING (15) SAIMAITI, Abdul Nationality: Chinese National Identification no: 653225197110100533 (Chinese) Address: Afghanistan (as at July 2016). Other Information: UN Ref QDi.268. Overall leader and commander of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (QDe.008). Involved in fundraising and recruitment for this organisation. Previously located in Pakistan as at April 2009. Listed on: 17/04/2009 Last Updated: 19/02/2020 20/02/2020 Group ID: 10834.


OFSI Notice

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