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February 19, 2020: EU, OFSI remove 1 Mugabe, suspend another’s listing

Yesterday, UK regulators implemented Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/213 by delisting:

MUGABE, Robert Gabriel

DOB: 21/02/1924. Passport Details: AD001095 Other Information: Former President. Listed on: 21/02/2002 Last Updated: 16/02/2018 19/02/2020 Group ID: 7321

and suspending the asset freeze on:


DOB: 23/07/1965. Passport Details: AD001159 National Identification no: 63- 646650Q70 Other Information: Associated with the ZANU-PF faction ofthe government. Listed on: 25/07/2002 Last Updated: 23/02/2012 19/02/2020 Group ID: 7320.

until February 20, 2021. So, I guess that’s the equivalent of that OFAC Belarus General License that they keep on renewing to allow those parties relief from sanctions…


OFSI Notice

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/213

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