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February 19, 2020: EU, OFSI amend 2 counter terror listings

Yesterday, UK regulators updated the following persons:

1. HAQ, Abdul
DOB: 10/10/1971. POB: Chele County, Khuttan Area, Hetian Area, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China a.k.a: (1) ‘ABD AL-HAQ (2) ABUDUHAKE HAKE, Abudu (3) AXIMU, Memetiming (4) HEQ, Abdul (5) IMAN, Maimaiti (6) JUNDULLAH, Abdulheq Abdul Heq (7) KHALIQ, Muhammad, Ahmed (8) MAIMAITI, Maimaitiming (9) MAIMAITI, Maiumaitimin (10) MEMETI, Memetiming (11) QEKEMAN, Memetiming (12) SAIMAITI, Abdul (13) MUHELISI (14) QERMAN (15) SAIFUDING Nationality: Chinese National Identification no: 653225197110100533 (Chinese) Address: Pakistan (as at Apr 2009). Afghanistan (as at July 2016) Other Information: UN Ref: QDi.268 QI.H.268.09. Also referred to as Muhelisi, Qerman and Saifuding. Overall leader and commander of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (QDe.088). Involved in fundraising and recruitment for this organisation. Previously located in Pakistan as at April 2009. Reportedly deceased in Pakistan in Feb 2010. Listed on: 17/04/2009 Last Updated: 19/01/2012 19/02/2020 Group ID: 10834.
2. AL-JAZIRI, Abu Bakr BOULGHITI, Boubekeur
DOB: 13/02/1970 POB: Rouiba, Algiers, Algeria a.k.a: (1) AL-JAZARI, Yasir (2) BOULGHIT, Boubakeur (3) AL-JAZIRI, Abu Bakr (4) AL DJAZAIRI, Abou Bakr (5) EL DJAZAIRI, Abou Yasser (6) AL-JAZIRI, Abou Yasser Nationality: (1) Algerian (2) Palestinian Other Information: UN Ref: QDi.058 QI.A.58.02. Finance chief of the Afghan Support Committee (ASC) (QDe.069). Al-Qaida (QDe.004) facilitator and communication expert. Believed to be in Algeria as at Apr 2010. Son of Mohamed and Fatma Aribi. Listed on: 11/01/2002 Last Updated: 17/06/2011 19/02/2020 Group ID: 6998.

sanctioned under their ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaddafi counter terrorism sanctions programs, as mandated by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/218.


OFSI Notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/218

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