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UN, DFAT add Seka Baluku to DRC sanctions

Earlier today, Australian regulators added:

CDi.036 Name: 1: SEKA 2: BALUKU 3: na 4: na
Name (original script): na Title: na Designation: Overall leader of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) (CDe.001). DOB: approximately 1977 POB: na Good
Quality a.k.a.: na Low Quality a.k.a.: a) Mzee Kajaju b) Musa c) Lumu d) Lumonde, Nationality: Uganda Passport no.: na National Identification No.: na
Address: Last known location is Kajuju camp of Medina II, Beni territory, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (last known location) Listed on: 6 February 2020. Other information: Longtime member of the ADF (CDe.001), Baluku used to be the second in command to ADF founder Jamil Mukulu (CDi.015) until he took over after FARDC military operation Sukola I in 2014.

to their Democratic Republic of the Congo sanctions program, after a corresponding addition was made the appropriate United Nations Sanctions Committee.


UN Notice

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