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Danish FSA issues an AML “quick guide”

The FSA issues a quick guide on the money laundering area

The Danish FSA’s quick guide is primarily aimed at financial companies, but other companies can also benefit from it.

The purpose is to spread the knowledge of the rules of the Money Laundering Act. There are a number of rules that companies must comply to help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. 

With the new quick guide, the 1800 companies under the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s money laundering authority will have an easily accessible overview of the rules that are quick to understand.

It can also help businesses to explain to their customers why customers need to provide businesses with the information they require.

The FSA has already issued a larger guide to the Money Laundering Act. Here, companies can read more about what the rules are and what companies need to be aware of. Thus, the guide does not cover the full scope of all the rules, but should be seen as a useful tool to get companies on track with the most important obligations.


Finanstilsynet Notice

Quick guide to financial companies covered by the Money Laundering Act

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