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December 17, 2019: OFAC publishes 1QFY2019 TSRA Licensing Report

Here is OFAC’s summary:

From October 1 through December 31, 2018, OFAC’s Licensing Division received a total of 36 applications pursuant to Section 906(a)(1) of the TSRA. During this period, OFAC issued a total of 19 licensing determinations,2 of which 11 were for cases received in this quarter. OFAC issued 3 licenses, 2 license amendments, 4 “return-without-action” letters, 1 denial letter, and 9 general license guidance letters in this quarter. Of the total licenses issued, 3 involved products for Iran and 0 for Sudan.

Of the 36 license applications (in a handy chart that doesn’t cut and paste well), 20 were for Medical Devices (of which 2 licenses were issued and 1 amendment issued), 10 were for Medicine (1 license issued), and 6 were for Agricultural Commodities (1 amendment issued, 1 application denied). Of the applications, only 2 were for Sudan (1 each for Agricultural Commodities and Medicine), and none of those were approved or denied.

While the overall processing time for all the applications was 32 days, it varied wildly, with Denial Letters taking 64 days on averages, and Licenses taking 74 days on average – and with Amendments taking only 5 days.


OFAC Notice

1QFY2019 TSRA Report

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