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OFAC changes to Venezuela & Syria General Licenses, and some new Venezuela SDNs

Today, OFAC added the following persons:

BLANCO HURTADO, Nestor Neptali, Miranda, Venezuela; DOB 26 Sep 1982; nationality Venezuela; Gender Male; Cedula No. 15222057 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA-EO13884]. 

CALDERON CHIRINOS, Carlos Alberto, Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela; DOB 03 Jul 1970; Gender Male; Cedula No. 10352300 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA-EO13884]. 

CARRENO ESCOBAR, Pedro Miguel, Delta Amacuro, Venezuela; DOB 24 Apr 1961; Gender Male; Cedula No. 8142392 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA-EO13884]. 

CEBALLOS ICHASO, Remigio, Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela; DOB 01 May 1963; Gender Male; Cedula No. 6557495 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA-EO13884]. 

ORNELAS FERREIRA, Jose Adelino (a.k.a. ORNELLA FERREIRA, Jose Adelino; a.k.a. ORNELLAS FERREIRA, Jose Adelino), Caracas, Capital Disrict, Venezuela; DOB 14 Dec 1964; Gender Male; Cedula No. 7087964 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA-EO13884].

to the SDN List under its Venezuela sanctions program.

Additionally, the Venezuela General License 34 was updated – authorized individuals now include “Current employees and contractors of the Government of Venezuela who provide health or education services in Venezuela, including at hospitals, schools and universities” and the list of unauthorized items now includes “Any transactions or dealings with, or the unblocking of any property or interests in property of, any person included on OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN List)” – curious that wasn’t there before.

There is now also a General License 35 – “Authorizing Certain Administrative Transactions with the Government of Venezuela.”

Additionally, Syria-related (i.e. Turkey-related) General Licenses 2 and 3 – the ones related to dealings with the two previously-sanctioned Turkish government ministries – have been revoked.


OFAC Notice

Venezuela General License 34A, 35

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