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After all these fraud notices…

23 Sep 2019

HKMA reminds the public again to protect sensitive personal information

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has earlier reminded the public that some companies have been promoting investment products, in the name of celebrities, through advertisements on social media and subsequently requested the members of the public to disclose their personal information (in particular their credit card information) through the internet or phone calls. Banks and credit card operators have been monitoring the situation.

According to the banks’ latest estimation, more than 2,000 customers may have browsed the advertisements and during the transactions disclosed their credit card information, even the one-time passwords. The HKMA urges the public who might have provided any sensitive personal information to suspicious third parties should immediately contact the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Hong Kong Police Force (at 18222) and the card-issuing banks. The HKMA has requested the banks to provide assistance to affected customers in taking appropriate follow-up actions.

Such advertisements which deceive the public into disclosing their sensitive personal information may appear in different social media or in different forms. The HKMA reminds the public again to stay alert and carefully protect their personal information, particularly credit card information and passwords which should not be disclosed to third parties, so as to avoid falling for scams and suffering from monetary losses.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority
23 September 2019

Note: this is on the same day where HKMA issued 3 more fraud notices…


HKMA Notice

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