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Danish FSA invites you to talk AML and technology

Invitation to special meeting on money laundering and technological challenges and opportunities

The meeting focuses on how technology can help with the process of onboarding customers.

The meeting will be held on October 11, 2019, at 14-16, at the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Århusgade 110, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. 


Please send to stating your name and company by October 8, 2019 . The Financial Supervisory Authority may be required to limit the number of participants per year. organization / company.  


As part of the FSA’s fintech initiatives, we created the Fintech Forum in 2017. This spring, the FSA evaluated the format of the Fintech Forum. A need was identified to hold special meetings, which should focus on a specific topic and with the possibility of involving a wider circle of stakeholders. Against this background, the Danish FSA has decided to hold special meetings in addition to the regular meetings of the Fintech Forum. At the last meeting of the Fintech Forum, members expressed a desire for a special meeting focusing on fintech and money laundering. The Financial Supervisory Authority thus invites special meetings on challenges and opportunities by using technology for customer knowledge procedures .


1. Welcome and introduction by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

2. What are the challenges and opportunities of using technology for customer awareness procedures?

  • Presentation by Tobias Jørgensen, e-net 

  • Presentation by Jonas Kjær Leed, Lunar Way 

  • Presentation by Christian Visti Larsen, NewBanking  

3. Panel debate on the challenges and opportunities of using technology for customer knowledge procedures

This should include: it is discussed whether there are challenges that the sector can solve itself or whether the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority can / should help to solve them.

Read the one-page background on the initiative


Finanstilsynet notice

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