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UK publishes 2019-2022 Economic Crime Plan

The economic crime plan sets out 7 priority areas that were agreed in January 2019 by the Economic Crime Strategic Board, the ministerial level public-private board charged with setting the UK’s strategic priorities for combatting economic crime:

  • develop a better understanding of the threat posed by economic crime and our performance in combatting economic crime

  • pursue better sharing and usage of information to combat economic crime within and between the public and private sectors across all participants

  • ensure the powers, procedures and tools of law enforcement, the justice system and the private sector are as effective as possible

  • strengthen the capabilities of law enforcement, the justice system and private sector to detect, deter and disrupt economic crime

  • build greater resilience to economic crime by enhancing the management of economic crime risk in the private sector and the risk-based approach to supervision

  • improve our systems for transparency of ownership of legal entities and legal arrangements

  • deliver an ambitious international strategy to enhance security, prosperity and the UK’s global influence

Read the Economic Crime Strategic Board January meeting agenda and minutes.


Economic Crime Plan – HTML, PDF

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