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DFAT publishes overview of all sanctions programs


Dear subscribers

I write to advise you of new guidance material developed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in relation to Australia’s sanctions regimes.

As you may be aware, Australia implements 21 sanctions regimes, which include both United Nations Security Council sanctions and Australian autonomous sanctions. These regimes comprise a diverse range of measures, including: 

  • Restrictions on trade in goods and services

  • Restrictions on engaging in commercial activities

  • Targeted financial sanctions (including asset freezes) on designated persons and entities, and

  • Travel bans on certain declared persons.

The attached sanctions ‘snapshots’ provide an overview of the measures in each of Australia’s sanctions regimes and include links to key information. Please feel free to circulate the snapshots as you see appropriate. The snapshots are now available on the DFAT website at

Inquiries and applications for sanctions permits in relation to particular proposed activities should continue to be made through the Online Sanctions Administration System (OSAS). Please feel free to email with any other sanctions related matters.

Kind regards 

Sanctions Section

Transnational and Sea Law Branch
Legal Division

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 


Sanctions Snapshots

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