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OFAC’s latest Terrorist Assets Report is out

This is OFAC’s 27th “Annual Report to the Congress on Assets in the United States Relating to Terrorist Countries and Organizations Engaged in International Terrorism” – a mouthful, I know.

Some highlights:

  • $46.181 million in blocked terrorist organization assets, up from $43.606 million in 2017
  • Biggest increases in this group – Hizballah blocked assets increased from $9.814 million to $11.601 million, Hamas went from $1.143 million to $1.364 million, the IRGC-Quds Force increased from $14.491 million to $14.989 million, ISIL went from $251,613 to $657,689, Lashkar-e Tayyiba increased from $218,639 to $397,774, and the Taliban increased from $10,728 to $206,805.
  • State Sponsors of Terrorism have $216.83 million in blocked funds, up from $201.53 million in 2017
  • Of that increase, the overwhelming bulk is due to North Korea (almost $11 million), with Iran ($2.9 million) and Syria ($1.4 million) making up the rest
  • State Sponsors of terrorism own a bit of real estate: Syria owns 4 properties, Iran 11, and Bank Melli indirectly has an ownership interest in a NY building


Calendar Year 2018 Terrorist Assets Report

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