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EU, OFSI amend 5 on terror list

Earlier today, UK regulators implemented Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/555 by amending the following counter terror listings:

1. ADL, Sayf-Al ZIDANE Mohammed Salahaldin Abd El Halim

DOB: (1) 11/04/1963. (2) 11/04/1960. POB: Monufia Governate, Egypt a.k.a: (1) AL ADEL, Seif (2) AL-‘ADIL, Saif (3) ALMADANI, Ibrahim (4) MAKKAWI, Muhammad Muhamad, Ibrahim (5) ZIDAN, Mohammed, Salahaldin, Abd, El Halim ADL, Sayf-Al Nationality: Egyptian Other Information: UN Ref QDi.001. Responsible for Usama bin Laden’s (deceased) security. Hair: Dark. Eyes: Dark. Listed on: 23/02/2001 Last Updated: 22/02/2017 09/04/2019 Group ID: 7424.

2. SYAWAL Yassin

DOB: –/–/1972 03/09/1962. POB: Makassar, Indonesia a.k.a: (1) ABU MUAMAR (2) ABU SETA (3) MOCHTAR, Yasin, Mahmud (4) MUAMAR, Abu (5) MUBAROK, Muhamad (6) SYAWAL, Muhammad (7) SYWAL, Yasin (8) YASIN, Abdul, Hadi Nationality: Indonesian Other Information: UN Ref QI.S.123.03. Also referred to as Mahmud and Mubarok. At large as at December 2003. Listed on: 05/09/2003 Last Updated: 20/01/2015 09/04/2019 Group ID: 7834.

3. GHEDEIR Amor Mohamed

DOB: (1) 12/12/1965. (2) –/–/1958. POB: (1) Deb-Deb, Amenas, Wilaya (province) of Illizi, (2) Touggourt, Wilaya (province) of Ouargla, (1) Algeria (2) Algeria a.k.a: (1) ABDELLAH, Abou (2) ADEL, Youcef (3) HAMMADOU, Abid (4) ZEID, Abdelhamid, Abou Nationality: Algerian Other Information: UN Ref QI.H.250.08. Associated with the Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. Located in Northern Mali as of June 2008. Name of mother is Benarouba Bachira. Name of father is Mabrouk. He usurped the identity of Abid Hammadou who allegedly died in Chad in 2004. Reportedly deceased as of 24 February 2013. Listed on: 07/07/2008 Last Updated: 06/12/2012 09/04/2019 Group ID: 10691.

4. LAHBOUS Mohamed

DOB: –/–/1978. POB: Mali a.k.a: ENNOUINI, Mohamed Nationality: Malian Address: Mali.Other Information: UN Ref QI.L.319.13. Member of the Mouvement pour l’Unification et le Jihad en Afrique de l’Ouest (MUJAO). Also referred to as Hassan and Hocine. Reportedly deceased as of 14 February 2018. Listed on: 05/11/2013 Last Updated: 05/11/2013 09/04/2019 Group ID: 12886.

5. IMAMOVIC Nusret

DOB: (1) 26/09/1971. (2) 26/09/1977. POB: Miljanovci, Kalesija Municipality, Bosnia. a.k.a: IMAMOVIC, Nusret, Sulejman Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina Passport Details: Bosnia and Herzegovina passport number (1) 349054 (2) 3490054 Address: Syrian Arab Republic as of September2015.Listed on: 07/03/2016 Last Updated: 07/03/2016 09/04/2019 Group ID: 13314.


OFSI Notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/555

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